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About Us

At EcoQuote, we believe that lifestyle can be a cause for good. We love mother nature, care about the environment. Our natural resources are limited, sustainable lifestyle will be the trend of the future.
We committed to promoting all kinds of eco-friendly material such as Cork, Bamboo, Terracotta, Sugarcane Bagasse, Coconut & Pineapple, Jute & many more natural plant fiber. Join us in our quest for a sustainable good living:-)
All products are of high quality handmade by the lower-income urban community. Come and support in our effort to fight poverty and improve their well-being. We committed to support ethical sourcing our crafts, stay away from the unsafe working environment, child-labour & unethical practice that in the fast-fashion industry. We pay our crafters reasonable to support their families living quality & education needs. 
Bamboo, s ancient natural material, absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide per hectare than equivalent trees. Most bamboo grows well without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers and so growing it doesn't contribute to these chemicals entering groundwater. Of course, it is also biodegradable. Bamboo reaches maturity fast in 3-5 years, less water requires than trees to grow and produced more oxygen. Excellent natural strength and durable. It does not require heavy processing with machines and chemicals or even mining precious minerals or the complex processes of recycling.
Cork, is supernatural material, lightweight, durable, natural fire retardant, near-impermeability (water-resistant) and looks incredible in our opinion of course. Make use of the cork that is leftover from cork flooring, household, cork wine stopper industry and turn it into great looking vegan-friendly products. But Think of the Cork Trees!! No trees are harmed either. :-) Cork Oak Tree (Quercus Suber) The cork oak forests are some of the most biodiverse forests on the planet, they protect the land from desertification, home to endangered species. The cork oak is the only tree on the planet that can have it's bark completely removed without hurting or killing the lovely tree. Using cork ensures that the forests are economically viable which leads to them being taken care of and maintained. Not only does the extraction of cork ensure the survivability of these extremely bio-diverse ecosystems but harvested cork oaks take in 300-500% more CO2 than un-stripped trees while the bark regenerates itself. Using cork helps rid the environment of harmful CO2! In our mind, they are something worth fighting for. Using cork comes with a host of benefits that make it the ideal choice to use in other application. We hope using animal skins becomes a thing of the past and that we can help, if even just a little bit, move the world forward by using cork, bamboo or sustainable materials! By choosing sustainable materials you are actually joining in our mission to increase its use in not only in fashion but all industries. Increased demand protects these vital and ensures that they survive and are sustained for years to come. CHOOSE SUSTAINABILITY! Come see what EcoQuote has to offer by taking a look at our Cork wallets, bags, Bamboo daily product, and accessories today! Surely you will love it!
We support sustainable concept ensuring our customer enjoy the best possible value, all products are direct from source also working with carriers to develop new awesome products. We eliminate a middle person as much possible, this maximizes value to both the handmade community & our customers. We strive to change consumer behaviour by bringing to market cruelty-free products that people love!