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ecostore Propolis Toothpaste 100g Bamboo Toothbrushes Family Set 4in1 Eco-Friendly
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Brand ecostore
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 18 cm x 5 cm
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  • Made in New Zealand, naturally derived ingredients, freshens breath
  • Fight plaque & helps reduce tartar build-up, cavity protection
  • Infused Charcoal & natural finished medium-soft nylon bristles (randomly)
  • Handmade With Natural Bamboo, no chemical use for finishing, safe for kids
  • Naturally contains a substance called bamboo-Kun, which is an antimicrobial agent that gives it a natural resistance to pests and fungi.
  • It is Vegan-friendly, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalates-free, & guilt-free
  • Compostable & Recycle-able

ecostore Propolis Toothpaste 100g (Product of New Zealand)

Gently cleans and freshens. Helps to reduce plaque and prevent tartar build-up. Brushing with ecostore toothpaste as part of your daily oral care routine helps to keep teeth and gums healthy while being a safer option for you and our world.

This blend of naturally derived ingredients contains:

Propolis extract produced by bees using plant resin and beeswax to provide antibacterial protection.

Magnolia bark extract to help reduce plaque and prevent tartar build-up.

Kanuka oil harvested from the NZ native plant, Kanuka. An effective antibacterial ingredient which helps to protect gums.

Natural essential oils peppermint, spearmint and clove leaf oil provide a long-lasting, total mouth freshness.

Benefits of Bamboo Toothbrush:

Size: 20*1.3*1CM(7.87*0.51*0.39in)
Weight: 17g

Looking forward to your next brushing session? So exciting:-)
Natural bamboo, our toothbrushes are recycle-able, compostable and most importantly, sustainable. Just the right size for any member of the family.

Bamboo toothbrush is the natural toothbrush alternative to plastic toothbrushes. This small change in your daily routine can help reduce the plastic waste that washed up on beaches all over the world.

Imagine the amount of plastic you will keep out of the environment by choosing to use EcoQuote’s biodegradable toothbrush. A straightforward choice creates a powerful positive change for the environment; just by brushing better. This bamboo toothbrush will not only make your smile better but the planet better too.

The handle from 100% natural bamboo and the bristles infused with bamboo charcoal. You get a light, yet robust and naturally antimicrobial toothbrush that will leave your teeth and conscience super clean.

It is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable
Bamboo is a fast-growing grass.  Your everyday toothbrush has just become one of the most renewable items you use daily.

This beautiful bamboo toothbrush will last as long as a regular toothbrush.
Replace every three months or so.
The best part is you can put this one if your compost, use it as a marker for your organic kale or any veggies. Your
plastic toothbrush sadly goes on polluting for 1000s of years if not longer.
When done, pull out the bristles and pop them into your home compost kit or a recycle bin.

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What's in the box

1 x ecostore Propolis Mint Toothpaste (1005)

1 x Bamboo Toothbrushes Family 4in1 set