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Buy during a holiday in Thailand, Clog shoe very unique.

Handmade by local housewife Consider brand new, never wear, size 8 to 9

Condition 9.8/10

#Handmade #clog #unique

  • Proudly "Made In Malaysia"
  • Suitable for most types of fan dispenser.
  • Go-green & eco-friendly products
  • Better & natural choice compares to chemical
  • Premium quality 60 days
  • Natural peel extracts for longer fresh
  • Packaging is recyclable 
  • Compliance with IFRA, REACH & Allergen (European Standard)


  • Environmentally Friendly: food-grade silicone, durable & safe 
  • Easy to wash & reusable, long-lasting. Keep your mask use longer
  • High-Temperature Resistant: flexible, can be boiled and sterilized.
  • Made of food-grade silicone material, it is resistant to a high temperature of 230 ℃
  • Enough Space: The masks can be stored easily, safe, and hygienic.
  • There is enough space to place masks, very suitable for personal, family, and office use.
  • Light Weight: The organizer is tailor-made for your mask, light, and convenient.
  • Convenient to put in handbag, pocket, or purse, you can carry it with you.
  • Pollution Prevention: This box can perfectly protect your disposable masks from dust and secondary
  • Loofah sponge pads for effective exfoliation without being harsh on your skin
  • 100% Loofah sponge, natural and chemical-free, eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable, compostable, all-natural & zero-waste
  • Elastic hand strap and soft terry cloth backing allows for easy all over body scrubbing
  • For spa and shower use, non-toxic, skin-friendly, gentle deep cleansing, smooth skin and detoxification.
  • How to use: Soak until soft with water before use; Dry in air after use.
  • Exfoliates, remove dead skin to give you smooth & supple skin

【Eco-friendly & sustainable, biodegradable & compostable】

【BPA-free & 100% natural, 2 layers】 

【Made of organic bamboo fibres, chemical-free】

【Super Adsorption】Microfiber, soft & supple

【Widely Application】Washable & reusable


Not Spicy, Not Eating T-shirt (Only L Black)

In Thai mai phet mai gin (ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน) translates to “not spicy, not eating.” This t-shirt is for spicy Thai food lovers.
100% pre-shrunk cotton. Made in Thailand. Shipped from Thailand. Get your “Not Spicy, Not Eating” t-shirt now.

I Travel For Food (Only L Grey)
100% pre-shrunk cotton. Light Grey color. Made in Thailand. Shipped from Thailand. Get your t-shirt today!

  • 100% natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable & zero-waste
  • No use of any chemicals in cleaning & crafting processes
  •  Colour finishing from 100% natural plant & water-based, batch by batch finishing may bit variance as the natural base
  • It is Vegan-friendly, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalates-free, & guilt-free
  • Compostable & Recycle-able
  • Reduce plastic packaging compares tube, refillable (sold separately)
  • Portable, easy to carry travel & affordable to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly, Vegan, Cruelty-free, sustainable ingredients
  • NO SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), Fluoride, Sodium Bicarbonate
  • NO Artificial sweetener, Triclosan or nasty chemicals
  • Made in Malaysia & Certified by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)